So. Many. Ideas.

I noticed a recurring issue when I would schedule a time to be blogging or when I would sit down with my tablet or at a computer to write a blog post. My recurring issue is this: I have so many ideas yet I don’t know what to focus on. My site is called AdoptionEtc., so really, I can write about anything and tie it to adoption. But that can be paralyzing because what do I choose?

Do I choose to write about how adoption is a blessing?

Do I choose to write about trauma?

Do I write about life as an Asian-American raised in a White family?

What about writing about raising a half-Filipino?

What about being a stepparent?

Who is this blog for anyway? Is it for fellow adoptees? Is it for prospective adoptive parents or parents actively fostering or adopting their kids?

Do I speak to an audience that focuses more on racial injustice or do I speak to an audience that focuses on how we are all Americans?

I am a Christian. Am I writing to a Christian audience or to everyone?

Throughout my life, my narrative had to be right. My mom was a hero and I hid my pain. Because my story was hers and my new opportunities came at her cost.

My story has to glorify God. Does God still get the glory if I share that I am not all the way healed from my pain? Does God still get the glory if I share things I wish my mom would have known before adopting me? Because if I share those things, does that make adoptive parents who read this question their choice to adopt even though they believed they stepped out in faith?

I suppose my story is just like everyone else is origin story in that I suppose my story is just like everyone else’s origin story in that we are all messy human beings with lots of questions. Yet we all have access to the same loving God and we all are trying to figure this out together.

So it’s a post comes off polished and put together, that is part of my life or a piece that may be more fleshed out at the moment. If a post is rambling or raw, that’s a piece in progress.

This is a journey. My ever changing journey. My hope is that my readers learn something, are inspired by, or helped somehow by joining me.


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