Ordinary Day

Today is a snow day and it’s an ordinary day.  I’m home with the toddler who is snuggling on the couch while I type this.  Spongebob is on in the background.  The tot is wearing his new cloth training pants. He is on his way to being potty-trained.

I have learned not to take ordinary days for granted.  I remind myself not to take my tot’s milestones for granted because I was not where he was.  When I was his age, I was still catching up in development and having at least 20 hours of OT / PT / Speech.  My mom still worries about my tot meeting his milestones because she worried so much about me meeting mine.  I am grateful that my little guy is developing like a typical toddler. I am happy for his ordinary days because when I was his age, doing ‘ordinary’ toddler things required an extraordinary effort.


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