Tell my mom to send me back

So…. this happened over the weekend. Our President told four members of Congress to go back to their countries. They are all citizens. Only one representative was not born here. Granted, he inserted himself into a disagrement between these four Congresswomen and their boss, but he looked at their foriegn sounding names and brown skin and told them to go home.

I’d like to see him tell my mom to send me home. Would he? If I worked for the Washington Post and asked him a question he didn’t like or if I was a paralegal on Capitol Hill and somehow got on his bad side, would he only see that I’m from the Philippines and tell me to go home?

If he did, I’d tell him that a Colorado-born white Christian American citizen spent a lot of money and time to adopt me and make me a citizen. I’d tell him to tell my mom to her face to send me home.

Then I’d step back and let my mom yell at him.

But seriously, I’m concerned that the leader of my country has such a low opinion of people that he doesn’t see as fully American.